Monday, May 28, 2007


this one's for you plexxxx.

"whatcha gonna do, tell me whatcha gonna do when i step to your crew- nothing!"

i think this is the first release by craz. released on east harlem records in '94. two years later he doubled up with "some try to copy" b/w "step up" on echo with productions by frankie cutlass. i can't tell you much about that release, i never bought it. but the "whatcha gonna do" single is rough & rugged as we all like it! both cuts were produced by a guy called pacman. i can't really decide which track i prefer here but i guess it's "whatcha gonna do".

i don't know much about craz or the record label. i've only seen two more releases on east harlem by the east side hoods. looking at the catalog number there has to be at least one more record though. clear me up if you know anything else.

CRAZ 12" '94

2. IT'S ON




Plexxxx said...

Those are dope as hell, I had always heard good things about this record, glad to see those words are justified. His 2nd record isn't as good but it's still kinda nice. Muchos gracias for throwing those up.

Andy said...

knew this one from mixtapes... def. a dope record. thanx

juancamiloMO said...

very dope

juancamiloMO said...