Saturday, May 19, 2007

who are you people?

this weekend i want to find out, who reads this blog- i have prepared a little exercise for you. please take part of it, so hopefully i get to know a big part of my visitors.

please use the comments section and provide the info below:

1. name & location
2. which post on crates of ag did you like best?
3. one record you wanted to hear for ages
4. do you actually buy vinyl, or mp3's only?
5. improvement suggestions for crates of ag. what do you miss?

thanks in advance



Anonymous said...

Simon, and from Denmark.. yup..

The post with Cipher got me hooked on shit here, and Jam Dot da Original Trooper.. that's my shit.. But all your posts is just off the hook!

I don't know who it is, but on the Static skate videotape, there is a hiphop track, I was diggin crazy much. but I can't remember that shit..!! it's driving me nuts

Yup I buy vinyl..

maybe another upload sharing site, than rapidshare.. it takes a damn long time to get some, cause of the limited thing.. but thats all.. keep doing your thing! you leave me stunned with all your posts

Fleyva said...

S'up bro,

Chris from SG Switzerland.

I guess my favorite stuff you posted recently would be scott lark. Thought the post was quite dope in the beginning but with time i got addicted to that shit! My joints from lark are razzle dazzle and ashes to ashes! Dope shit! Thanx.

I usually buy vinyl quite often but since my bank account got close to zero i tried to cut down a bit. Fuck that!

Tracks i've been wanting to hear for ages would be the mr.mvp record and the black jesus album from scientifik! Oh man i hope someday i'll get to ear that stuff!

As for improvements on crates of ag i can't say a lot. The blog is very dope very professional. I like your post selections, so id say keep doing your thing the way you've been doing so far!

Oh yeah one thing though: How about some more record auctions on crates of ag? :)


Anonymous said...

1. Jan from Germany

I found your blog while searching for a track by Royal Flush, Channel Live & Mic Geronimo...Now I know it's name: "The Smoke Session"!

2. The post featuring the album of the creators. Blind Mice ("How Many" is the shit!)
Your mixtapes are nice too! (running in a loop in my car for weeks!)

3. I got a white label pressing of a group called Signs of Sounds. I'd like to know everything about it! The sleeve has a stamp "Demo 5" on it. The record has 9 tracks and one of it is "Who Got The Funk" feat. Godfather Don and Phife Dog (available on a rarities collection of ATCQ). All tracks are fat! Thats all I know!

4. Vinyl!!! mp3s just to know what to get on vinyl!

5. Nothing to complain

Thanks for opening your crates!

eska one said...

1. be from hannover, germany. im 27 years old.

2. you got a lot of good stuff, but ill pick the godfather don ep.
im a big fan of his (love the cenobites lp!).

3. N8 the Gr8 (from the CUF) - N8 the Gr8 & Friends. this would be the last piece in my cuf-collection. somebody have this...?
im a big fan of westcoast underground like the cuf, murs, eligh, etc. (whole living legends crew). unfortunately stuff like that doesnt get much coverage in the blog scene.

4. yes i do buy vinyl, but i gotta admit that my collection has been suffering from everything beeing so easily available on the internet. also i sometimes buy a cd again cos its just easier to put on an mp3 player.

5. not much to say, liking the content (most important!) & the
look very much.
but you might consider using a different file-hoster or more than one because of rs's downloads-limits. i like mediafire, & z-share the most cos theyre fast with no limitations. sharebee is gr8 too.

thanks alot for your blog, im hoping you keep it up!


serch4beatz said...

1.dome , tg switzerland
2.The best post for me was definately that brainwash 2000 post. Only had the joint on the ny reality check mixtape and the scratches annoyed me
3.Brainwash 2000 in its full glory ;)
4.i buy too much vinyl and pay too much (you know haha)
5.improvements? not really but did you think about puttin out your new mix ;P

Sean said...

Sean, from Canada

BIG UPS on the site first and foremost man... Pitch Black post was tight, Q-Ball & Curt Cazal post was mad tight! that new Godfather Don jumpoff was dope... and all the Canadian stuff you have been posting... tight. Oh ya! I wanted that Annex Clique but the awwwww... ya, couldn't get it

One track I've been dying to hear for years is a Canadian cult classic B-Kool - 'Gotta Get Over' 12" from like '93 I believe...

Yes, I buy mad records...

Radipshare is helluva wack!!! More dope obscure mid-90's stuff, more imports (exclusive shit from Japan, UK, Germany)...

Keep up the good work.. and doing your thang!!! Canada to Switzerland... One L

Anonymous said...

Shujahre (from Belgium

Definitly Mafioso chapter. A very dope record, i played it almost every day!

I buy vinyl and mp3's from shit i haven't found on vinyl yet.

No improvements for me, it's a very dope blog man, you have a dope vinyl collection.
You wanna sell some of it ;)

Ralven said...


1. Ralven from Germany but I live now in Austria.
2. Pretty hard to make a decision:

The Annexx Clique, Born Talent - Water World, Reggie Reg and of course Brick Newark Mob... to name my favorites I didnt know before your posts. ;)

3. Same thing, hard to make a decision. I'll have to name four:

Empty Pockets - Who got the Motts
M-Slash - Telekenesis
Ruggedness Madd Drama - Hustlers High bw Huntin'Park Hustlers
Ruggedness Madd Drama - Big Boyz

4. Started with buying vinyl back in 95 but selled all my records 3 years later to a friend. Started again two years ago. I collect only stuff from 94 till 2000 and only records I really like. More often than not I made a buying decision by hearing a snippet before but there are certain artists, where I want to have the whole discographie.

5. I dont miss anything. Your blog is real professional and its a normal thing that not every post hits my taste but 80% are divine gems and my wishlist is constantly growing. ;) Always excited, if there is a post of an artist I dont know. Keep up the good work and BIG thanx for all the lessons.

Pz, Ralven

Andy said...


andreas from switzerland sg (near fleyva),

2. for this question i went back to your old posts but with no result.. you posted so many stuff that i like, some less some more! hm.. silhouette was nice, yo and stuff i knew from mixtapes and never was able to get like brainwash. its nice to have that as mp3! that legion of dume post was nice too.. yo nice!

3. hm, today i got one track in my mind that i'd love to hear, but i dont know the crews name. the tracks title is 5 thug thoughs. i only heard snippet until now! but there is more stuff in my mind but cant name it yet, haha

4. yeah i buy vinyl. i dont have a big crate but i got a part of that stuff that i like. last time i was on line on ebay i went insane caus' some peeps bid so much so i calmed down a lil bit! i hate to pay too much. checkin local stores and other ways to get vinyl.. friends or even foes who sell something hehe!

5. nothing on my mind yet! i think crates of ag is the best blog in da net! i like your graphics! every post got much information and everything looks nice! are you into that graphic-thing or just for fun?

thanx alot and keep on

Anonymous said...

Christof from 6020 Austria...

I like the posts in general, but the Pitch Black one was the best yet because i finally got those tracks in superb quality.

I d like to either hear the Meccalicious Demo Tape or the B 1 Demo Tape...

I do buy Wax but it depends on the conditions and what is available...

As far as improvements for the Blogspot go i d say it s almost perfect


serch4beatz said...

i never knew there are dudes in SG that love indie hiphop lol..we should meet one time and exchange some goods haha

Anonymous said...

You need to use ZSHARE or something that has no limit...... Have to wait forever to dl the shit....

madrotter said...

yo man i love your blog i live in bandung,indonesia since 1996 and since i live in the mountains no internet connection at home so im in internetcafe's, download speed frustratingly low and if somebody else is using rapidshare i can't use it so it's often frustrating trying to download from your wonderful blog (the first one i check every day). my name is henk by the way aka madrotter and i put out albums right here in indonesia and you can check me at and
i've been hip hop since around 87 so i probably have some jewels you would live to have like peace bureau, black man united, n-tense just to name a few. hit me up any time and i'll be happy to send you music as incredible as you are posting... furthermore i do buy a lot of vinyl but only oldies it's the only stuff you can get here, for my production. so many songs that got me hooked on your blog hard to say which ones, c4, people without shoes, darcsyde, godfather don (now that was really incredible!!!). i hope i can keep enjoying your blog for many years to come!!! thanks so much for all that dope music (at downloadspeeds like 4kbps i've been busy for months and still don't even have half of what you've posted...) best wishes oh and the first song on my myspace, that rapper is swiss actually, living in dubai though....

grantp said...

1. grantp, san diego
2. mass influence, but i dig soo many of them.
3. wanted to hear epat omed from like 97.
4. buy vinyl too.
5. naw you're doing a great job!

Fleyva said...

Yo dome i'm in on that meeting up thing. From what i know you surely have some pieces that would interest me! ;)

serch4beatz said...

i think the pieces that would interest you are the pieces which im not givin up lol

Anonymous said...

Hannes from Austria / Vienna.

Brainwash 2000 was the bomb!
I also liked that j-dub - swing thru ya town & blaque spurm.

A track I've been searchin for yours, hmm probably that

--> Nottz presents D.M.P. - Life Ain't Sweet

If you got that track, please upload it ;)

I think a cbox would be great on your site (, but your site is virtually perfect.

Ernesto said...

Yo man,

Erndawg from Frisco, Cali.

Yo have the freshest blog, that it's hard to pick some of my favorites. You've introduced me to many new artists. Some of the new tracks for me were Blind Mice, The Concrete Foundation post, Nitty Gritty, & Skemen. I look forward to the tracks and knowledge you share with us on the daily.

An album I'm hoping will surface someday is Lonie O - "Mr. Dynamite". There's a snippet on DWG, but of course I'd like the whole track.

yeah, I buy vinyl too.

You're doing a fantastic job!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

FunkyAlph from BS Schwiizz
My favorite post is the rich kids 12" yagggaaa But all your other posts are hot too!!!

Yo I search for hot vinyl

I love to wake up and check your Blog!


The Magic Chef said...

Whats crackin' this is Jason from upstate NY

I guess my favorites have been the Scott Lark da Sensei post as well as the Smoke Sessions and Vinyl Reanimators posts.

It'd be dope if you posted some more Vinyl Reanimators remixes and if you had any Grooveman Spot remixes. Throw some Instrumentals in the mix too!!

Vinyl addict first and foremost

keep doing what your doing.

Anonymous said...

yo ESKA i am from hannover too !
Where u at bro ??
holla at me: tobiatch(at)
bis dann, Tobi

Anonymous said...

1. Kamil, Germany

2.The Outfit, man i love it!!!!

3. Shaqueen - BOOM !!!

4. Vinyl!!! mp3s just to know what to get on vinyl, if its possible to get, cause i suggest since the blogging started more "headz" arrived at eBay with more money...


ral278 said...

ral278, bern, switzerland

definitely the "perverted rym throwwa"

brass tacks' "city scrapes ep"

buyin too much vinyl but i'm addicted so that's OK ;-)

maybe you wann switch to zshare as rapidshare is annoying when u wanna dl several files and always gotta wait!

bip up man!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, i forgot.. (Simon from Denmark).. I got a track with A.L. called "Lyrics".. got any information about that dude.. I'm in madd love with that shit.. and so like Kaotic Style's "Player"... information would be dope!

Anonymous said...

Big Ed Catto from NYC. Been watching you spread knowledge for awhile now, so no favorite post. I am all about mp3's, vinyl is such a waste;) The site rocks and you seem to have fans all over the world (Indonesia?!!? wut wut?!!?). my only suggestions...GET THAT NEW MIX OUT KID!!

serch4beatz said...

word to ed on the mix :D

MeirOne said...

1>Meirs from the south of Australia

2>Lookin' back now id have to say the M.C.M Powermoves tracks and The_Mischievous_LQ and The_Mad_Mischief Crew - Mischief Night Vls. These were real nice! oh...and I copped the Thrust-Rage (rmx) that is flavasome!

3rd> Nefertiti- Visions of Nefertiti (remix) and C boogie brown < this cat is like a ghost here! any knowledge on some mp3s would be mad...

4> Love wax, but too poor to buy ish. the universe knows the sound!

5>To say there needs to be improvements would be pushing it, but the ONLY thing is the dloading time. But thats cool cos i dont mind waiting a little longer.....good things come to those that wait!

Many Props, Thank You so much for all your efforts! im feeling your graphics too....


KwOte! said...

1. I am Dylan of South Australia.

2. There has been alot of impressive records featured on your blog, but the ones that really grew on me was stuff from the D.V.E label(Natural Mystics - 1 Life 2 live), Chris Lowe(Midnight) and I cant forget the Power Hitting Artist joint "Dont Take Time" that really blew my mind.

3. I been waiting for a Tony Tone post. Havent heard "The Assassinator 12'' before!!

4. Yes, I buy alot of early/mid 90's vinyl, I also purchase alot of LP'S from the 88' era!

5. It's been mentioned a few times, but I will agree with other peoples idea's of a new uploading site other than rapidshare.

Keep showcasing them indie gems ag. your doin a fantastic job!


serch4beatz said...

use so that the rapidshare premium users still can download in speeds beyond 1mb/s ;)

Anonymous said...

1.Onur straight outa Biel...
2.You got a lot of good stuff but i think my favorite is 215 Asasinz.
3.DSA - down low wreckage ep would be nice.
4.Vinyl.Since 6month Mp3,i need beats on my worldtrip!!
5.Nothing to complain...i think this last post "who are you people" is a very cool idea...

Anonymous said...

1. Mike in NY
2. Godfather Don
3. Brass Tacks - City Scapes EP, shit is unreal and I can't find it anywhere, really lookin for a mp3 rip of it
4. got vinyl but like to get mp3s
5. none man! you got the dopest vinyl hiphop blog out of em all! keep on!

Intrinsik said...

1.kristhegreek. Waukesha : WI : USA (near Milwaukee)
2.Wow...too many to list. A few though were Domestic Violence stuff, Dirtman/Sandman Stuff & The Outfit.
3.'The Scam EP' & 'Another Scam EP' on MCI Entertainment.
4.I buy vinyl.
5.No complaints here. Keep up the good work.

X'am Huh aka Cartoon said...

1. Maxime, from France

2. The post with combined operation...

3. I doont know who it is, they are a lot of records, that i like to listen.. but maybe i have a preference for Sick Lyrical Damager - Everybody bw Makin Millz and Pauly Yams Ep !

4. Yep i buy vinyl...

5. Very great blog, think the better... whats else... ?



Plexxxx said...

Oh snap, I been outta town for a lil' bit.

1. Plexxxx representin' Ontario, Canada (aka the 51st)

2. Probably the Q-Ball & Curt Cazal one because it was so vast, but it's hard to say because everything is generally dope.

3. One? Maaaaaaan I couldn't even call it. Anything released by Ebony Broadcast System (Skillz, Funky Rhymin' etc), that Steady B - Bogardin' record, Da Craziest by Merdagram, The Bossman by Brick Flava & Whatcha Gonna Do by Craz and about a hundred or so more that I can't even remember right now.

4. A bit of both, I don't really buy too many records anymore because all the stuff I need these days is generally REAL expensive, and a kid gotta eat nah mean.

5. You know I digs the site. If I had to say I'd probably echo the folks who said Rapidshare, but other than that I have no complaints.

Keep up the good work.

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

better late than never

1. nooferz from france representin CSA crew

2. Blaque spurm EP and Paul ray, these are so dope!!! but i have yet to check everything you have posted

3. I've been wanting to hear the brainwash funk and dues but now i have it on mp3 so nothing in particular, just keep doing your thing

4. buy vinyl and dl mp3 on blogs, but i listen more to my vinyls than to mp3

5. not too fan of rapidshare because you have to wait a lot between each dl

besides that i reallly like the tag thing and the stuff you post


Jaz said...

1. name & location:

Jaz, Wellington, New Zealand

2. which post on crates of ag did you like best?

All of them but it was really good to hear the Street Poets again,when I was working in a record store in the mid 90's, we got that Polecat record (Out Ta Flip) in...but we only got 2 copies even though we ordered way more...anyway, I rocked it in the store and had 5 kids come in ask what is this, I had to sell both copies and never got it in again.

3. one record you wanted to hear for ages

Little Shawn-Hickeys on Your Chest (Mack Daddy on The Prowl Remix)

4. do you actually buy vinyl, or mp3's only?

I have a fairly large vinyl collection of 80's and 90's and some records up to 2001, but then I felt it was a waste of money, paying for 2-4 tracks, when I could easily get 20 on one CD...

I buy CD's sometimes and I get sent a lot as well, I do occasionally buy vinyl if it's limited.

5. improvement suggestions for crates of ag. what do you miss?

Nothing Al you do an awesome job.

Andy said...

yo al,

i got two records for request!

blackstract - streets
saukrates - hate runs deep!


Andyman187 said...

-Ryan From The T.Dot

-Too Many dope posts too list, Cipher, Jam D.O.T., Brother Arthur, Slum Brothers.

-Some Shit I am after is Third Sight - Rhymes Like A Scientist 12" & K-OS - Rise Like The Son & Musical Essence 12"s.

-Still diggin in the crates as well as MP3's.

-Different uploading Site like

Uploading whole 12 Inches or at least Dirty and Instrumental, cuz I fiend for all those instrumentals. IE:

Other than that Dope Blog, keep up the great work.

Aight chill

hanDJob said...

1) switzerland, AG

2) Annex Clique stuff, PHA, Werd Of Mouph, Godfather Don, Ill Distracxion, Blind Mice, were some of my favourites.

3) 1st Alps Cru ep, Jay Sun, Legendary Villain, b-side of that Microphone Terrorists 12", 1st S.O.P., Vinyl Reanimators - how many emcees remix, and so on, and so on...

4) mp3s just to listen to while i'm driving and/or to check out stuff i didn't know before. besides that vinyl only..but as Plexxx said, online-digging became a real expensive hobby these days...gotta check out 2nd hand stores etc..

5) it's been all good so far. keep on

nedd2 said...

Hi,Nedd2 from switzerland,Bienne.

It's really difficult,but i love the example post,street poets,The outfit ep,and more(if you have contact for the outfit and street poets don't hesite contact me)

revival of the underground vol.1,citizen kane black rain,and many more...

Yes i buy vinyls

I miss omniscence,the funkyone liner ep,and the gunrunnerz ep...
Your blog is dope,continue,Peace,Nedd2

original-only said...

Matt,,,,,,Niagara ,, Canada

Favorite posts were the ones that worked,,, you posted sooo much dope music its hard to say, i really wish the kutmaster kurt computer love remix of Mic Geronimo's shit's real would've worked i've been looking for that ever since i heard it on a mixtape in '95....i'd buy that in a instant if i ever came across it

Saukrates first ever single in '94 "still caught up" with the banging b-side featuring the remix of "skillz ta thrill". Here's a mission for you if you could find this one joint from around 1996-97 by this cat called Mad Vex the track is intitled "vicious" still to this day have the lyrics on the brain

allways diggin for wax...willing to also trade

i wish you could fix the format error 17540 that i allways seem to get when something dope comes along,,,,,, and some instrumentals would be slamming...... Keep up the amazing work....VINYL WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!

original-only said...

Matt ,, Niagara Canada

My fav post was the threee times dope post that was just posted...but there's sooo many dope shit that you post ... still couldn't believe you posted that mic geronimo computer love remix of shit's real,,, just wish it would've worked ,, I allways seem to get this format error 17540,...

One record i would like to hear is Saukrates's first single from '94 "still caught up" with the banging beside including the "skillz ta thrill (rmx)"
If you ever heard of this cat Mad Vex he put out some fat traxx in "96-"98 . his joint "vicous" is still my favorite hiphop track of all time

Im allways digging for new and old vinyl classics

If you could post some more instrumentals it would be greatly appricated .... keep up the amazing work,,....VINYL WILL NEVER DIE!!

Anonymous said...

Hey im Michel from new zealand (far away). I buy vinyl and work in a record store. hanDJob put me onto your site, its very nice

sk0ra said...

1. Will, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

2. this is my first time on here, actually. I got your post of people without shoes on okayplayer and enjoyed that.

3. I don't know where to start. I've just recently [past 3-4 years] gotten into of hip-hop, there's still a lot that I've slept on.

4. To be honest, I don't buy vinyl much [I've only purchased 2-3 releases ever] since I don't personally own a set of tables and there isn't a decent music store around here. After getting a spot on the college radio station, I have a better appreciation for vinyl and understand the preference for vinyl.
I purchase CDs and digital music occasionally, though it's expensive.

5. I'd appreciate it [I'm sure that others would too] if you could tag the MP3 files that you put up on here.
Also, perhaps maybe you already have, but I'm interested to hear your routine of ripping vinyl.

Dj Dterez said...

Yo Digga

Dterez from AUST

Your best post(s) were your

Mixtapes no doubt selektah

In particular D Prosper

"Hip Hop Heads"

I scoped a copy from Amsterdam

On ebay hopefully to end up in my


Michelbuys has also put up

Sparrow "Rhyme Impotence"

currently up to $395 US.

Would love nothing more than to

see that posted and ripped on

Crates of AG

MP3 is cool for

Computers/Ipods etc

and CDJ1000Mk3\800Mk2

use, The day that people stop

mc'en, breakin, and graffn is when

I sell and stop usin records....

You already know what I gonna

suggest, aha yeh another series of

AG mixtapes!



nappi said...

what up homie? long time no talk.
its your boy napz from ATL.
you know how i do!
props to your site. dont change a thing

Kimani17 said...

I feel it is only right I answer this per your request:
1. Jason-Carpinteria, CA/Harlem, NY
2. Haven't had a chance to listen to everything yet! But that Eclipse 427 12" was unexpectedly dope.
3. ...
4. When I'm not broke as bleep (which isn't often...)
5. I don't think you should do anything different, even though I would love full rips of everything you post (and probably everything you own!)