Monday, May 07, 2007

godfather don is the slave of new york!

wow..i have to admit, it's pretty difficult where to start with this one.

i'm sure a lot of you have heard about the diggers with gratitude site. besides the forum, reviews and interviews they release special projects here and then. they started off with a dope poster of record scans of independent records from '87-'92. this release got followed by their first record; exclusive material by the legend phill most chill. the ep was limited to 100 handnumbered copies with info sheet. also the first 25 copies had an outstanding customized artwork and signature by phill himself. the record had been sold out within days and is pure quality.

now as some time passed people were going crazy on the board...they created a thread guessing what the next dwg release would be. i have never seen people going nuts like that before. anyway...when RD, Chr!s and Sureshot revealed the project it was something pretty much no one expected: an ep of godfather don with unreleased material from around '93-'97!



there were numerous unreleased joints available on mp3 by the don before, but the quality was so bad that it hurt. now find people who would go out there to track down godfather don, find his dats and tapes, find affiliates of don with material and find time and money to let the material be mastered and pressed on wax for the audience! well we've found 'em at dwg. it's impressiv how the three guys managed to get in touch with don (with help by ras at tsl) , and with the help by bobbito garcia of the stretch & bobbito show, who dug out and provided the only existing tape with slave of ny on it, they were able to put together an ep that is six track strong. the sound quality of this pressing is outstanding and unique on vinyl.

i don't want to tell you too much about godfather don...instead please visit the dwg-site for an exclusive interview and please also visit unkut, who just did a hydra/gfd special as well.

the six tracks on this ep are dope as hell. i can't tell you which track i like most, cause i think that will randomly change depending on the daily mood. again the release was limited to 150 handnumbered copies and came with an info sheet. the first 45 copies are signed and have sketches by godfather don on it.

i have to admit that this release is pretty impressive and a must-have for anyone who is collecting independent records. the record had been sold out even faster than the phill most chill one before.

all records released on dwg are limited and will never be reprinted. watch out for future projects...i think i've heard something about a side project involving cadence of raw produce...

what can i say more...i hope most of you managed to get a copy and can enjoy the vinyl spinning on your record players. and if you really need a copy of this record email vinyl at - they may just have a spare copy to trade or sell.

enjoy the clips!



Intrinsik said...

Wow...thanks. I missed out on purchasing a copy and have been hoping some one would post it. If anyone has one, let me know. Akutt, keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

dope ep ! the team ftd riped it. if ya want it just tell me

Jaz said...

oh man now that's what I am talking about!!!...I wish he would come back, Godfather Don is sorely missed.

Are these full mp3s?, I have to get a copy of this.


Nowhere said...

Rare Dave at DWG supposedly has a couple of copies left (I got mine last week). Drop him a mail:

Long shot, but worth a try.

Crates of AG said...

jaz, these are promo clips..they fade out before the last verse.

Andy said...

damm.. my opinion to this post is in the previous post..i was sleeping and writing at the same time :)

Anonymous said...

This record is the best i´ve bought for a long long time ....luckily i got a copy .....thanks DWG !!!!!

KwOte! said...

Dope record, mine arrived here in the outback of Australia on monday.

Nice signed copy AG, got the music notes and everything.

Just put up my own little ''The Slave Of New York Ep'' post on my own blog.

Peep It. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I'd definately be interested by the full mp3 versions, "anonymous"
Those tracks are HOT !

grantp said...

nice post. sounds like most of these are from around 93, similar to the rhymes on the four horsemen, super dope beats on these too...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ftd rip anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

great post. dope blog too.

Crates of AG said...

thanks dread. keep up the good work too.

Anonymous said...

i received a cd from a guy from hydra called mike herron , on the cd there is the 6 tracks of the ep by dwg + 15 more tracks never realesed in poor sound quality but he told me only 15 copies of the cd where made by godfather don himself it's call the lost files and all tracks are dope!!!, somebody got info?? please thank you

Crates of AG said...

what's the tracklist?

Anonymous said...

Iam another anonymous - I have one of that cds but it looks like a bootleg fake CD-R - the Hydra Tag is on a paperprint on the CD - Tracklist is:

1. Slave Of New York
2. The Architect
3. Do I Come Off
4. 7 Degrees Of Elevation
5. Inverted
6. Colors Of Death
7. Pull The Trigger And Step
8. Forever
9. I Don´t Care
10. Listen Close
11. Rampage Outta Control
12. Do My Thing
13. WKCR Promo w/ Scaramanga
14. Cold Peein´On Em
15. Break Em Down
16. You Lose
17. Lazy Woman
18. We Can Do This
19. Depressed
20. One In Your Ass
21. Cus Mania

Anonymous said...

hey this is kutmasta kurt
don gave me a tape back in 93, and i was just listening to it and was wondering if any of these tracks were released, so i searched and ended up here.

not 100% sure of the titles...i think they are

1. pull the trigger
2. my area is scarier then yours
3. don't riff
4. shoot 'em up
5. that's how i'm going out
6. when the pen hits the paper
7. when the pen hits the paper (remix)
8. armed and extremely dangerous
9. the 7's in town
10. the true godfather of the funk

i had a deal on the table for him from def american records in '94 (rick rubin's label) but he was very skeptical of labels at that time.

verge said...

Kurt. "That's How I'm Goin Out" was released on the OneLegUp release called the "Demented Thoughts EP".

Here's some other joints that were released:

and more:

I recognize "Pull The Trigger", but I'm not sure if it's on any of these releases or not. It samples Guru saying that, right?

I don't really recognize any other
titles you mentioned.
That would be great if you could leak them or release them or something, though.


Anonymous said...

Pull the trigger and step is dope.

I'm grateful people have come out and released Don's music.But someone needs to come along and do it right.CD,2LP the works.He makes his name off all the vinyl he dropped on hydra and we get a cd only release.What the hell is this