Saturday, May 26, 2007

white label action

i picked out two more white labels to get back on track again.

the first choice is one of my favorite wu-tang records ever. ol' dirty bastard's "dirty and stinkin'" is my shit. you get a funky beat with entertaining lyrics by odb, who gets support by 62 assassin of sunz of man. i think this was recorded in '94 but pressed up in '96.

"it's dirty and it's stinkin'
it's dirty and it's stinkin, baby
it's dirty and it's stinkin, yes
it's dirty and it's stinkin, i said
it's dirty and it's stinkin
it's dirty and it's stinkin'"



i also have another pressing of it. looks like a uk-boot to me.

the second record i picked for today is a white label by onyx. you'll find two excellent tracks on this one. while on the a-side you get a remix of "shout" produced by pete rock, you have "most def" on the flip, which was produced by fredro starr. both track are dope! release date should be '98.






nawledge said...

OH MY GOD this Onyx 12 is amazing... Seriously, I'm laughing to myself at how fuckin ill both of these beats are. I can't decide which I like better... I know that you're against posting up the Instrumentals, but that would be a request from me if you have some spare time down the road sometime... Anyway, Thanks Again for the DOPE post, I've been sleepin on both of those Tracks. OH, and the ZShare Is Proper, it's nice to have the option... Peace.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yeah , this is definitely a nice 12", got it myself, but with another label and sticker cover, which doesn't seem to be official (is says : unverkäufliches muster) like a german distribution made it. dont know.
nawledge.. the most def track is on their 1995 album "all we got iz us"... aless, hast du auch die see ya in hell white label ?..auch dope
gruss, Tobi

nawledge said...

@anonymous, Jesus, I've been str8 asleep on that Most Def track. I got a copy of All We Got Iz Us from a friend of mine a while back, but I guess it was missing some tracks... I had no idea until now, my copy is missing that track and the last track, Walk In New York or whatever, I just had to look it up... I never really followed Onyx too heavy so never checked it before... Eyes Wide Shut on this one. Thanks for the Knowledge... Peace.

madnice said...

wow the memories. i have this record too. dumb slept on

Jaz said...

Wow...I just wanted to send you mad props for upping these gems A...very, very nice work.

Fleyva said...

Wow nice post! Really feeling those Onyx tracks! Dope as hell! Shout's got a beautiful beat but i guess i like the dark most def cut a bit better.

"...but if i don't drink and drive how the f*** am i gonna get home - and i can't stop smokin' weed cause i'm not a quiter but since it's killin' my braincells maybe i should reconsider..."

Genius lyrics! Thanks for sharing!

btw: thanks for offering the dl on two different platforms.

grantp said...

that pete rock remix is sooo nice.

01-onyx-see_you_in_hell-main.mp3 thats a dope slept on onyx cut as well.. if you dont have it let me know..

Crates of AG said...

you're all welcome.

tobi and grant, isn't the see you in hell track a freestyle over rampages's wild for da night beat? or is there another version?

Anonymous said...

yeah you are right aless.
itz over the rampage beat.
and i like it even more, than the original :)
greetz, Tobi

AJM said...

only just found yr blog, thanx for the odb 12", here's what i think was the original trak for those that ain't heard it before......

Crates of AG said...

thanks for link! is this from the wu demo tape which was floating around?


AJM said...

my pleasure, no it's from the DJ Swarm Compilation

DJ Swarm - Wu-Fam Exclusive Cuts

there's also another version of dirty & stinkin on meths 'a taste of tical 0 (the prequel)

if you want either just lemme know...


ecksuno-colombia said...

please....PLEASEEEE...the instruental version of most def should be posted, as far as i know that whitelabel is the only release that has it.

pleaseeeee..zhare it.

ecksuno-colombia said...

...oh i forgot..jeje

also clean and instru version fo' shout(remix)...cmon man.plzz