Tuesday, May 22, 2007

who are you people- the review

what's up australia, austria, belgium, canada, denmark, france, germany, indonesia, new zealand, the u.s. and of course the biggest country on earth switzerland! i'm glad a lot of you guys participated in the last post and i wanted to thank you for that! it's good to know that the content of my site reaches good people out there. and even though all the readers, who haven't filled out the 5- pointer yet are still invited to accomplish that, i wanted to review your messages a little bit.

1. name & location

--> it was great to see from how many different corners y'all come from! indonesia..damn! keep spreading the word, so hopefully we can reach more people and get more information together on indy artists and releases.

2. which post on crates of ag did you like best?

--> it's funny, practically everyone had another favorite. it's hard to hit everyone's gusto everytime, but i think if you like independent records then you will like the future posts as well.

3. one record you wanted to hear for ages

--> i wrote down the stuff you guys were looking for..just keep on checking the site, there might suddenly be a post of one of your wants.

• simon, you got a soundclip from the skate-tape?
• jan, the white label lp with demo 5 on it you got is dope. the group goes by the name of science of sound, short s.o.s. they also released an ep in '95.
• eska one, just be patient, there might be a grouch post coming up sooner or later...
• grant p, i have an mp3 by epat omed called "i'm an mc" need that?

4. do you actually buy vinyl, or mp3's only?

--> i just wanted to check how many of you actually (still) buy the flat plastic. i know there's a huge mp3-community, but they don't give a damn about the artists, release or story behind it. it's impressing how much you can find out about a 12" if you have a closer look at it. it's great to see that from time to time artists even show up in the comments sections of crates of ag. or i got contacted by perverted rhymm throwwa for example...good to see that they are still out there working on new projects.

5. improvement suggestions for crates of ag. what do you miss?

--> first of all...thanks a lot for the kind words, i really appreciate that.

okay, rapidshare was of course the problem that was mentioned the most. i use rapidshare because i have a membership and use it for other stuff as well. plus i get a nice index with all the files including download counter. but i will try my best to use sharebee or zshare in the future, no problem.

someone mentioned a shoutbox...i thought about that earlier this year..it's easy to use and all... but there were two things that kept me away from it. the first thing are stupid comments by spamers or guys, who use those boxes to request tracks all day long. the second point is that people start to write their comments about posts directly in that box...and some still use the official comments section..the overview gets lost.

sean requested more international stuff...and actually this was planned too..keep on checking!

i'm glad you more or less like the graphical content of the site..actually i don't like it all anymore..but i keep on practicing. actually i just modified the layout again a little bit. crates of ag has different seasons as well...

yeah...what else can i say..the future will bring more record posts, probably another batch of sales and one day a new mixtape will show up!
thanks again for the heads up and please make my work worth the effort with questions, additional information etc...be active!



eska one said...

nice, looking forward to the grouch post.
actually i think there cant be much that i dont know yet - but hey, you never know!
anyways its good to educate people about the living legends. i think underground crews from the west, esp. the bay area get too little coverage.
i might start a blog filling that spot, lets see...


madrotter said...

yeah man all the way from indonesia!!! like i said i got loads of really old school hip hop jewels for you if you want, and as far as the international stuff goes if you want indonesian hip hop stuff let me know i got tons for you ok, by the way check out www.myspace.com/homicidebdg for the best that indonesia has to offer: homicide these guys are very good friends of mine, 4 stars for their last album in the asian rolling stone, i'm pretty sure you'll love it, best wishes again henk madrotter

grantp said...

yeah i got that im an mc.. i probably ripped it, thats why i want to hear other shit from them via that time. thanks tho!


Crates of AG said...

eska, i'm no living legends pro but i have some nice tunes i could share.

madrotter, thanks, i'll check your site.

grant, i didn't know you did that rip. that's all i have. great track!

eska one said...

hey al, thanks for the offer. my living legends collection (including side projects & solo releases) is pretty complete already, im missing a few releases only.

one im looking for would be:
Murs 3:16 12" EP (1999)

but hey - i should be asking if YOU needed something, cos i have gotten so much from you already.
so if youre looking for some ll-related album just ask.


P.M.ES said...

Still lovein the black wax..since 86'. Will cop mp3s for listen,but to me they r throwaway compared to a phat plater to flip.. gotta have the O.G. at the end of the day, cant mess with the sound of a good 12" pressed loud. Crates all day G!